Milestone 2: Ideation and Design

Our second milestone consists of results from our ideation and design phase.  After compiling our research report we analyzed our findings for insight that would contribute to our designs.  We synthesized our insights and started figuring out the features, functionality, and design of our wearable.

To being our design phase we each sketched out 5 sketches including labels and lists of features.  We ended up with 15 different ideas and compiled a list of features and wearables types gathered from all the different idea sketches.  We listed everything out and started to narrow down our features based on functionality and design.



To help us narrow down our ideas and designs we decided to discuss our product scope.  Based on insight from our research we decided to pursue two major points of emphasis for our wearable.  We wanted our device to help users stay in the right frame of mind (aware, alert, and making smart decisions) and to assist search and rescue.  In addition, we wanted our wearable to be light, be easily accessible (both affordable and easily accessed on the body), and have low batter/power consumption.  A lot of this milestone revolved around discussion of our product scope.  We wanted to eliminate features that we felt were too complex and find a good balance of useful and effective features.

Based on this insight and our discussions, we narrowed down our feature list down to a signal reflector, adjustable clasp, USB connection, and sound alerts/reminders (with speakers).  We also decided that we wanted the device to be some time of band or strap.  With this updated list we did more sketching on what we wanted the interface of the band to look like.



Our design emphasized simplicity.  It is geared to be unobtrusive to the user and would require infrequent interaction, but still adhere to the points of emphasis mentioned above.

Towards the end of this milestone we also started to gather materials to build a prototype of the device for use in our usability evaluation in Milestone 3.  We collected many different bands of different material to try out.